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About Us

The story of APLS, Inc. began before “Landscape Supply” was a recognized industry, and even before landscaping was a common practice among most homeowners. In 1987 our founder, Mark Collier, was the owner of a small vehicle service station. One day, he was offered a free load of bark/wood fiber that was left over from a local land-clearing project. Mark accepted, and the material was dropped outside of the service station. He decided to offer the material to his customers for ground cover. At the time, wood by-products like bark, wood fiber, and sawdust would typically be burned or otherwise discarded after a project. However, Mark noticed the potential for recycling these materials, while also providing a much-needed product to the region. As the market would soon confirm, shredded bark makes for the perfect ground cover – suppressing weeds and adding color and contrast to lawns, gardens, trees, and hillsides.

That initial pile sold out almost immediately, and so did the next one, and the one after that, and so on… There was a clearly a demand for landscaping materials that are safe to handle, produced dependably, and abundantly available to the public.

Before long, Mark purchased the land that would become our flagship location in Allison Park, and APLS Landscape Supply was established. However, success was by no means guaranteed. It took many years of dedication and hard work to make APLS a leader in the Tri-State landscaping industry. APLS now has two locations in Western Pennsylvania, serving over 20,000 customers every year.

Since its establishment in 1989, APLS has added hundreds of new products and services to better serve our customers. With our company-owned truck fleet, we provide our customers a wide variety of high quality mulches, premium and specialty soils, aggregates, decorative stones, and an extensive selection of concrete retaining walls, patio pavers, stepping stones, and various other hardscape products.

Whatever outdoor project you can dream up, know that APLS will have the materials and equipment to make it a reality. Contact us or visit our online store to get started!

The original store sign at APLS, Inc. Landscape Supply - Allison Park, PA
APLS Landscape Supply - Allison Park Yard
APLS Landscape Supply - Allison Park Yard