Retaining Wall CAD Drawings

APLS, Inc. offers basic design assistance for all aspects of hardscape construction. You don’t have to go at it alone! Our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

We’ll help you:

  • Choose the perfect Products, Styles, Colors, and Accessories to suit your style or to match existing features.
  • Use dimensions to estimate quantities needed for each item.
  • Find solutions to unforeseen obstacles during construction.


APLS - Allison Park Yard

Bulk Deliveries

We offer delivery for all bulk landscape materials. At APLS, we take pride in efficient scheduling and quick turnaround times, so you can always expect your delivery within 48 hours. Call or message us to get a quote for delivery!

Pallet Deliveries

Safe yourself the aggravation of hauling heavy block or patio stone by getting your hardscape materials delivered! We make pallet deliveries with a tri-axle flatbed and a Piggy-Back forklift. With our convenient all-terrain forklift, we can usually drop your pallets directly by the work area. This alone can save hours of labor.


Tailgating Service - APLS, Inc. Landscape Supply

APLS, Inc. offers a free tailgating service to customers who order limestone for their driveway, parking lot, or private road. The main intent of tailgating is to reduce the amount of physical labor involved in spreading stone over a large area. This is achieved by locking the “tailgate” of the truck so that a limited amount of stone falls out, after which the truck drives over the area to distribute the stone as evenly as possible.

Materials that can be tailgated: 1B Limestone, 2B Limestone, and Limestone Sand.

Please note: this is NOT an installation service! The intent is not to lay down a flawless new surface, but rather to reduce the physical labor of spreading stone. There is still work to do after tailgating. Tailgating may not be possible if there are tree branches, overhanging wires, or uneven slopes in the desired area. Please contact us for more information!