Retaining Walls and Paving Stones

Versa-Lok Retaining Wall Systems - Available at APLS, Inc. Landscape Supply
Borealis Retaining Wall by Techo-Bloc - Available at APLS, Inc. Landscape Supply

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can serve a wide range of purposes, while also adding stunning contrast and perspective to your property. APLS has a wide selection of retaining walls to fit every style, budget, and design need. Choose from thousands of style, size, and color combinations from the best brands in the industry.
Common applications for retaining walls include:
- Diverting water flow
- Stabilizing heavy loads (e.g. buildings, parking lots)
- Garden boxes and edging
- Sitting walls, columns, and patio enclosure

Techo-Bloc Mista Paving Stones - APLS, Inc. Landscape Supply

Paving Stones

As with retaining walls, paving stones have the ability to bring an entirely new character to your home or business property. A well thought-out patio can convert an otherwise indistinct back yard into your go-to entertainment area. Or, you can use paver overlays to breath new life to a walkway, porch, or deck area. You can even use permeable pavers to go green and prevent erosion or runoff issues. At APLS, we have a vast array of paving stones to match any style or project scope. Ask us how to get started!

Porches, Patios, Outdoor Kitchens, Steps, Driveways, Walkways, Fire Pits, Decks, and Much More!

Natural and Dyed Mulches

Ground cover, simple as it may seem, is what ultimately ties a property together. Much like a painting, you can use various types of media to offset negative space, accentuate features such as gardens or waterfalls, draw attention from utilities, and so much more. Made from 100% recycled Pennsylvania hardwood, APLS provides some of the highest-quality mulch available. Find the right style and color for your property today!

Delivery available for all materials!

Premium Topsoil and Compost - APLS, Inc. Landscape Supply

Soil, Compost, and Amendments

Even in this day and age, "topsoil" can be an ambiguous term. Some suppliers take advantage of unassuming customers by selling them clumpy, rock-filled dirt labeled as "screened topsoil". At APLS, we know how important it is to have consistent, quality topsoil. Our Premium Topsoil is always made the same way, using only the best raw materials. Screened to 3/8" and amended with compost, our soil stands alongside products like Miracle Grow in terms of plant nutrition and growth. In addition to our Premium Topsoil, we offer standard screened topsoil and clean fill (call for availability).

In addition to topsoil, APLS provides various other materials to enhance existing soil profiles. For example, by working sand into compacted soil, you introduce small pockets of air that can provide roots with water, oxygen, and vital nutrients. Compost is another important amendment that adds nutrients and water retention to worn out soils. It can also be used as a mulch or topdressing.

Construction Sand from APLS, Inc. Landscape Supply

Tools and Equipment

Whether you need to split concrete block, dig a trench, or construct a sandbox for the kids, you can rely on APLS to have the right tools and equipment. Featuring products from Wolverine and Hulton Tools, we have a variety of standard and specialized tools in stock, and many other products available on order!

Our selection of tools and equipment includes:
- Shovels for all applications
- Field, leaf, and rock rakes
- Pitchforks
- Brooms
- Block splitters and chisels
- Wheelbarrows
- Levels and screeds
- Dead-blow hammers
- Digging bars
- Block and paving stone lifters
- And much more!