Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s your return policy?

Tools and Accessories:  You can return tools or accessories within 30 days of purchase. Item must be in original condition, and proof of purchase is required.

Retaining Wall Block and Patio Stones:  Block and paving stones can be returned at a 10% restocking fee. Product must be clean and in good condition. Product must organized on pallet in the same way it was received. If pickup service is required, delivery charges may apply.

Picked up Bulk Materials:  Picked up materials can be returned if material type/color was purchased in error. Customer must return and unload material on same day of sale. Material must be in original condition and free of extraneous debris.

Delivered Bulk Materials:  Delivered materials can be returned if delivered product does not match material on invoice.

Why do you charge a pallet deposit for block and paving stones?

We charge a pallet deposit only to cover our own deposit costs from the manufacturer. The manufacturer goes through many thousands of pallets each year, and the deposit ensures that pallets are returned for future use. The recycling of pallets reduces manufacturing costs and also prevents excessive wood waste.

How do you measure bulk materials?

We ensure the accuracy of your order by measuring with engineered cubic-yard buckets, as well as an on-board bucket scale.

What are the rules for dumping at APLS?

You are welcome to dump clean wood chips at either of our two locations. Fees vary per location. Our Allison Park location also accepts organic materials such as brush and grass clippings for a small fee. All loads must be 100% free of garbage and other extraneous matter. Dumping is allowed only during business hours. Please visit the office before offloading.