Mason Sand

$37.67 per ton

Mason Sand is a clean sand that is commonly used for brick masonry, sandboxes, inland beaches, concrete paving, and many other applications. This material has a fine, consistent texture.

Sold per ton (approximately 0.67 Cubic Yards)

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Mason Sand is a clean sand that can be used for a multitude of different applications. As the name implies, Mason Sand is the principal ingredient in mortar, a workable cement-like product that is used to bind bricks when constructing buildings or other structures.

In addition to masonry applications, Mason Sand is commonly used for:

  • The base of a new swimming pool (helps prevent punctures in the pool lining)
  • Sandboxes and “inland beaches”
  • Bedding for pipelines
  • Concrete paving

Sold per ton (approximately 0.77 Cubic Yards)

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