Medium Double-Shred Mulch

$39.11 per cubic yard

Medium Double-Shred is a double-shredded mulch with a light brown/tan color. Made from 100% Pennsylvania hardwood bark. Medium Double-Shred has a fine, consistent texture.

Sold per Cubic Yard.

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Medium Double-Shred mulch has a consistent, fine texture like Dark Double-Shred, but with a lighter Tannish-Brown hue. This is the lightest-weight mulch available from APLS, making it a great option for blower installations. Comprised of 100% Pennsylvania hardwood bark. Like all of our landscaping materials, this mulch does not attract insects or harbor mold*.


*In very rare circumstances, airborne mold spores can settle and grow upon the mulch.

Mulch Burning: Though this condition is extremely rare, it does warrant recognition. Any natural mulch can develop a condition that can cause burning of surrounding plants or grasses. It has been our experience that this condition is more likely to occur on very hot summer days. During the mulch aging process, tanic acid can develop due to a chemical imbalance. This condition is, at best, difficult to predict. A pile of mulch can develop the condition and then recover within the same week. Most years, there are no reports of this condition. Other years, there will be 2-4 reports out of the thousands of loads we sell.

If you believe this condition exists in your new mulch:

  • We recommend letting the mulch sit for 2-4 days before spreading to let the condition subside.
  • When spreading, keep the mulch several inches away from grass, annuals, and sensitive perennials.
  • Keep mulch away from the stems of the plants (this is always recommended any time you mulch).
  • Do NOT immediately water the mulch or plants. This can intensify the burning effect. We recommend waiting 24 hours before watering.

Additional information

Weight 700 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 yd

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