Screened Topsoil

$43.12 per cubic yard

Screened Topsoil is our alternative option to Premium Topsoil. It is a clay-based soil, making it heavier and more impervious than our Premium Topsoil. These properties make Screened Topsoil perfect for regrading applications where erosion is an issue. Works best as a base material with a Premium Topsoil topdressing.

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Screened Topsoil is a clay-based soil, which makes it great for regrading lawns and other areas to establish positive water flow (i.e. to prevent water from gathering around a house foundation). Like our Premium Topsoil, it is locally sourced and thoroughly screened, and can be used for most any project that requires topsoil. However, being a clay-based soil, as it gets moved around and manipulated, it may form small clumps of clay. This will not affect the overall quality or usability of the material. As a general rule, we recommend using Screened Soil to build up and establish the grade, and then topdress with Premium Soil for final grooming and seeding.

Additional information

Weight 2400 lbs
Unit of Measure

Cubic Yard

Weight Conversion

1.2 tons per cubic yard

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